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Where Does a Tree Begin?


Where does a tree begin?
Does it start at the top?
Or could that be the end?

Perhaps it’s the leaf
That drinks the sun
But if there were no light
The tree would be none

Branches twist out
With dangling limbs
But I still do not know
Where a tree begins

Is it the trunk
That cuddles the ground?
Or is there more tree
That’s much further down?

The roots snarl deep
Into the dirt
Is that where we’ll find
The tree’s secret birth?

Searching for water
They twist and coil
And sip the moisture
From rich, dark soil

But still not the beginning
Of the mystery tree
Because without earth
The tree would not be

Perhaps trees have
No beginning or end
Or boundary to hold
Our perceptions within

If this is true
Where do we fit in?
So it is now I must ask
Where do we begin?

© 2013 by Diamond Mike Watson

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