Diamond Mike Watson

My Name is Michael

In 1982 I devoted all my free time in my music studio after long days of selling diamonds in Kentucky. I was sure it was done before, but I wanted to record my voice and play it backwards.

I decided on saying, ‘My name is Michael.’ I spoke each word slowly and clearly into the microphone. Then I removed the heavy reel of magnetic tape, spun it around backwards and rethreaded the tape. (This was a cumbersome job in those days.)

I clicked the play button and waited. From the depths of outer space, my voice appeared from the speakers. For sure it was me, but a “reverse” me from another world. If one could spell it, it would sound something like, ‘LakYOM zay me-an hay-om.’

I carefully listened to the eerie recording over and over and tried to replicate my backwards voice including the misplaced accents.

LakYOM zay me-an hay-om.
LakYOM zay me-an hay-om.

Still living at home, I did a quick turn to make sure my parents were not close by to see my bizarre behavior.

I pressed record and spoke clearly into the microphone.

LakYOM zay me-an hay-om.

I reflipped the reel, carefully re-threaded the tape and clicked the play button.

If you would like to hear this 38-year-old recording please go to my song page link:


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