Beware the Monsters of the Deep

Diamond Mike Watson 

I believe there was a man named Jesus who felt he had such a close bond with God that he called him his father.  I believe he taught deep concepts of love and inspired all those who associated with him.  These precious teachings have shaped me into who I am today. 

However, I do not believe he was born from a virgin, walked on the water, or raised Lazarus from the dead.  If so, there are so many other spiritual leaders who are claimed to have had those same superpowers. 

If given evidence, I can entertain the notion of a Supreme Creator, but if one summarizes the entire contents of the Bible it seems this Creator is not just loving, but also hateful, angry, jealous and revengeful.  It seems like I did not describe what most people consider God, but rather the common man. 

To me the Bible is a vast ocean that was compiled from humans over 3,500 years. It is filled with every creature of the sea.  If one knows which reef to dive, one can find stories that touch our hearts and guide us to be better persons. These stories are the beautiful tropical fish. 

But because the Bible was written by humans who lacked scientific evidence, there will be passages that are filled with dangerous sharks.  Fortunately, we have this wonderful gift called mind.  In reading the Bible or any other work of humans, we must know when to swim away from the monsters of the deep. 

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