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Should We Lean On Our Own Understanding?

I have been thinking about the following Bible verse, “Do not lean on your own understanding.”  I like to think the author and the scribe of these words said and wrote them with love and good intention.    Thinking deeper, the tone of this verse suggests that humans are so inept they cannot reason for themselves.  I do not consider myself or anyone else as a lowly creature.  If we were created in God’s image, we must be living masterpieces.

Would the world be a better place if Albert Einstein did not “lean on his own understanding?”  What about Copernicus or Isaac Newton?

I also wonder where the world would be now if Proverbs 3:5-6 instead said:  ‘You were created with perfection. You are a living masterpiece. Therefore, learn and grow in your wisdom and understanding from this great experience called life.’

2 thoughts on “Should We Lean On Our Own Understanding?”

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