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To whom are we praying?

Less than a few hours of oxygen remain on the small submersible that imprisons five passengers in the freezing North Atlantic. Millions of people are praying. Millions of people also believe in the power of prayer.  Surely this concentration of thought will lean toward a positive result. Surely with our focused intention our prayers will… Continue reading To whom are we praying?

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I would have still loved you

I am thankful to be alive.I am thankful I can type these words.I am thankful I was not tossed into a dumpster.I am thankful I had loving adoptive parents. But to be clear, I wish my birthmother had the legal choice to abort me. It was her life. It was her body. Prior to Roe… Continue reading I would have still loved you


The Belt

Walking briskly in the diamond district of Los Angeles a man wearing shabby clothes hobbled passed me.  Our eyes never met as he gazed straight ahead with determination.  Although it appeared he was wearing a belt he was struggling to hold up his pants.  Either his belt was broken or the waistline of his garment was way too… Continue reading The Belt


Please Get Vaccinated

In 1985 I was transferred from Indiana to Kansas to manage a jewelry store.   The morale was low and many of the old-timers were grouchy.  So it made sense when many complained the following year about the new seatbelt law.  On January 1, 1986, many drivers in the US would have to attach their seatbelts. (Most cars have… Continue reading Please Get Vaccinated

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One Tree at a Time

Recently I posted about a tree I was trying to save from being chopped down.  A lady from Norway replied in disbelief, wondering why I was concerned over one tree.   I first thought she was being insensitive.  However, she posted a barren photo of the mountains where she lived, saying that the price of timber was high in… Continue reading One Tree at a Time


We Must Give More than We Take

Humans take more than they give.  This is a sad condition.  Is there another species that purposely destroys its own habitat solely based on greed?  Someone may argue that it is impossible for one to give two apples when they have only one.  But we plant a tree and remove a forest. We order a large meal and… Continue reading We Must Give More than We Take


Sanctity of Life

The sanctity of life has a lot of facets besides abortion. Over 200,000 people have died from the mismanagement of coronavirus. People lose their lives everyday from racial injustice. Without an acceptable replacement of the Affordable Care Act, we will deny health coverage for millions of people with pre-existing conditions. We should not place more emphasis… Continue reading Sanctity of Life


The Proud Black Lady

Edward Colston was an English sea merchant born in 1636. He traded in wine, fruits and textiles. By 1680, he became involved in a company which held a monopoly in the English trade of African slaves. In 1895, 114 years after his death, a statue was erected in his name in the city of Bristol.… Continue reading The Proud Black Lady

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A Promising Flower

  In 1974, when I was sixteen, I wrote the following doom-and-gloom poem that was published in a small poetry book.  Some old school friends recently helped me find this. I always felt the writing was horrible but it strikingly reflects the COVID-19 calamity that is currently afflicting our world. I do still share the… Continue reading A Promising Flower

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The Lie that Shocked a Nation

The Lie that Shocked a Nation A.  Donald Trump: The Medical Doctor Who Will Save the World. “So, supposedly when we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said… Continue reading The Lie that Shocked a Nation

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The Future of Physical Affection

Even in these days of uncertainty, as long as I am able-bodied, I cannot imagine any tragedy that would prevent my effort in expanding the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest to the ends of the earth. When families and their kids know they are loved there is no doubt how our world benefits. Imagine… Continue reading The Future of Physical Affection

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Mr. Green Tree

Mr. Green Tree It must have been nearly twenty years ago that I remember driving to work and noticing such a handsome tree in the middle of a barren plowed field. I remember thinking how welcoming his shade would be for laborers escaping from the hot sun. I went as far as imagining the workers… Continue reading Mr. Green Tree

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The Profound Tweet

I am still moved by a tweet from President Trump after the nation began to experience its longest government shutdown in history. It came at a time the President had retreated into the almost vacant west wing of the White House, void of the chatter of aides and interns. In fact, because the tweet is… Continue reading The Profound Tweet


The Cherry Tree Story

“I cannot tell a lie- I cut down the cherry tree.” Although we have treasured this childhood story, there is no evidence this was ever uttered by George Washington. The important moral of this tale was to teach us that respected leaders do two things: They tell the truth. They admit their mistakes. These qualities… Continue reading The Cherry Tree Story

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The Illusion of a Madman

Many supporters of the President admit forgiving the unpolished character of a man whose beliefs sided with many of their own. Donald Trump was never a saint, they said. But now, through the President’s Twitter feed, the world can peer inside a real time diary of a person who has revealed his innermost psyche.  Trump… Continue reading The Illusion of a Madman