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The Illusion of a Madman

Many supporters of the President admit forgiving the unpolished character of a man whose beliefs sided with many of their own. Donald Trump was never a saint, they said. But now, through the President’s Twitter feed, the world can peer inside a real time diary of a person who has revealed his innermost psyche.  Trump has failed in showing compassion or reason. If we ignore all news sources and read only his tweets, we understand these words come from a man who is deeply troubled by anger and paranoia.  By constantly lashing out to all those who disagree with him, it proves that he is not a “deal maker,” but a person whose attributes most of us would ward our own children from. 

It is time to let go of the illusion that Trump will make our country a better place to live.  We must re-examine ourselves to gamble the consequences of keeping this man seated at the highest position in the world. Should we remain comfortable in our homes and do nothing?  Or should we determine if a person with a personality disorder is leading our country into a dangerous territory?

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