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The Shadow of the Eclipse

August 21, 2017. I am in Riverton, Wyoming. I have never been here before, but from the encouragement of a friend, I am now standing in the middle of a near-barren desert ranch at 11am in the warm Wyoming sun. I have already spent two nights with my wife, Carmen, in a cozy tent awaiting… Continue reading The Shadow of the Eclipse

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The Tombstone

This may be a startling picture but my sister and I wanted to capture an image to show others how all things are possible in the matrix of our lives.  Although the matching of our DNA proved we were siblings, there were other factors that were necessary for our reunion: We never gave up. We… Continue reading The Tombstone

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I would have still loved you

I am thankful to be alive.I am thankful I can type these words.I am thankful I was not tossed into a dumpster.I am thankful I had loving adoptive parents. But to be clear, I wish my birthmother had the legal choice to abort me. It was her life. It was her body. Prior to Roe… Continue reading I would have still loved you

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Look at Me. I am Beautiful

If something touches me emotionally I am quick to stop what I’m doing to absorb the positive vibrations in which I am enriched. Pulling into my business park I was greeted by this glorious jacaranda. I couldn’t ignore her as she waved at me with her clusters of purple flowers, saying, “Look at me. I… Continue reading Look at Me. I am Beautiful

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What was the Lesson?

Our growing family used to attend Geneva Presbyterian in Laguna Hills. It was close to our home and we felt comfortable with the friendly environment that helped answer the mysteries of life that we sought. During that time the church sponsored a dinner program that brought young kids and families together. I volunteered as part… Continue reading What was the Lesson?

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Mothers Womb Necklace

I love to find purpose in all aspects of life. I also love to add meaning in the detail of my designs. I frequently use the Moon Over Mountains trademark in my jewelry. It is an “O” (the moon), rising above an “M’” (the mountains.) The word mom is hallowed to me.  Mom is also an… Continue reading Mothers Womb Necklace

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The Smashed Window

When you are a diamond merchant everyone thinks you walk around with bags of priceless gems. Of course that’s not true, but gem dealers and bankers are always the ones targeted by robbers. That’s why we carry silent hold-up alarms and look both ways before we cross the street. If we return to our parked… Continue reading The Smashed Window

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Humbled and Empowered

I posted two anonymous blurry photos of a woman and a man.  This is to show that many adoptees have no idea who their biological parents are or who they look like.  My birth mother was raised in a Christian family. She was non-Jewish.  My birth father was a Syrian Jew born in Aleppo who came… Continue reading Humbled and Empowered

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Your Truth May Not Be Another’s Truth

I joined another large Facebook group. I learned the bigger the group the bigger the lion’s den. Sometimes I feel vulnerable, thinking a lion might attack me at any moment. I shared my Living Promises, which are brief guidelines to fully live our potential, which include joy, thankfulness, and forgiveness. Some agreed. Some were confused.… Continue reading Your Truth May Not Be Another’s Truth

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What Holy Book Do You Read?

Rather than judging someone by their appearance, it is much more rewarding to find my reflection in others.  From my car window in downtown Los Angeles I saw this unidentified man strolling down the morning street before the city started to bustle.   His blanket contrasted beautifully with the grayness of the old buildings.  I wondered what was… Continue reading What Holy Book Do You Read?

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A Chair is Made of Non-Chair Elements

It was Thich Nhat Hanh that redirected the path of my thinking many years ago. Until that time, I thought I was quite aware of what a chair was. It must have hit me at a vulnerable moment when Thay said, A chair is made of non-chair elements. Drunk with exhilaration, I tried to share… Continue reading A Chair is Made of Non-Chair Elements

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Whose Nightmare is This?

I woke from the stabbing pain of shingles. I drearily tilted my neck to see the bottle of aspirin on the table.  With large red numbers, the alarm clocked said 1:11AM. The date glowed with equally beautiful symmetry-  2/2/22.  I had taken two pills before I went to bed.  I suppose one more wouldn’t hurt. … Continue reading Whose Nightmare is This?

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Paradise is here. Paradise is now.

I once went with a friend to see Thich Nhat Hanh when he came to my town. From a distance, I was proud to see the man who had already transformed my life with his teachings. There are many that have not seen him personally. Fortunately, we are now bestowed with his wise teachings that… Continue reading Paradise is here. Paradise is now.

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A Great Leader Does Not Have to March With a Sword

Perhaps it is once in a lifetime a leader arises amongst us to remind us what is important and to challenge our thinking. Thich Nhat Hanh taught us that a fearless leader does not have to be a powerful warrior. Thay’s power came from something much more effective than a sword and shield. His power… Continue reading A Great Leader Does Not Have to March With a Sword

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There Are Many Paths to Enlightenment

Many years ago, shortly after becoming a father, I felt the need for my growing family to have spiritual guidance. I was raised in the Protestant faith and my wife was Catholic. We settled on going to a Presbyterian church close by. I yearned for a universal truth about how we can be the best… Continue reading There Are Many Paths to Enlightenment