Life Adventures

Mothers Womb Necklace

I love to find purpose in all aspects of life. I also love to add meaning in the detail of my designs. I frequently use the Moon Over Mountains trademark in my jewelry. It is an “O” (the moon), rising above an “M’” (the mountains.) The word mom is hallowed to me.  Mom is also an… Continue reading Mothers Womb Necklace

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Evolution of Angels Wings

I designed the Angel Wings ring for mothers who wanted something simple but elegant. Like the unfolded wings of an angel, two brilliant diamonds accent a mesmerizing garnet or amethyst. The design is thin, but well-constructed to wear everyday for a lifetime. A heart motif was cleverly etched into the sides of the ring that… Continue reading Evolution of Angels Wings

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Evolution of Arms of Love

The Arms of Love® trademark came into being by drawing a backwards “S,” then extending an arch to the left about two-thirds of the way down from the top.  After much experimentation, the final drawing reminded me of the outstretched arms of a mother holding her child.  The figure points to the negative integers of… Continue reading Evolution of Arms of Love

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Designing the Mother’s Heart necklace

I am very pleased with the Mother’s Heart pendant. The jewelry piece lays flat against the chest, perfectly displaying an Africa garnet or Brazilian amethyst.  The finished piece designed for winners of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® writing contest bears the image and mirror image of the Arms of Love® trademark.  The center gemstone… Continue reading Designing the Mother’s Heart necklace

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Gallery of Diamonds, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Studies of Mother’s Love

I had so much fun designing Mother's Love for the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® writing contest. I wanted to etch a lot of symbolism onto the piece to eternally remind a mother of her child. The finished ring contains a heart motif and the Arms of Love® trademark with a diamond on each side… Continue reading Studies of Mother’s Love