Life Adventures

Mothers Womb Necklace

I love to find purpose in all aspects of life. I also love to add meaning in the detail of my designs.

I frequently use the Moon Over Mountains trademark in my jewelry. It is an “O” (the moon), rising above an “M’” (the mountains.)

The word mom is hallowed to me.  Mom is also an acronym for Moon Over Mountains. 


I wasn’t prepared when a winning gemstone mother came to our store, looked at one of my moon over mountains pendants and exclaimed, “I love it!  It looks like a uterus.”

After she paid for it, draped it around her neck and happily left, I could definitely imagine a uterus.    And what an amazing coincidence. After all, isn’t that the sacred vessel from which we all arrive?  And since it is our mothers that give us the gift of life, it is remarkable that this added concept gives even more meaning for the gemstone winners and mothers of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest.

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