Life Adventures

Humbled and Empowered

I posted two anonymous blurry photos of a woman and a man.  This is to show that many adoptees have no idea who their biological parents are or who they look like. 

My birth mother was raised in a Christian family. She was non-Jewish. 

My birth father was a Syrian Jew born in Aleppo who came from a dynasty of rabbis traced to the first temple of Jerusalem. 

I never cared if my birth mother was a princess or a prostitute. I never cared if my birth father was a king or a beggar.  I just wanted to know how I arrived on planet earth.  Although my early days were filled with bewilderment, I am now finally fully content, humbled, and empowered.  I am now proud to be part of the human species. 

To adoptees who are searching-never give up!  The joy that may await you will far exceed the burden of your long journey.

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