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I would have still loved you

I am thankful to be alive.I am thankful I can type these words.I am thankful I was not tossed into a dumpster.I am thankful I had loving adoptive parents. But to be clear, I wish my birthmother had the legal choice to abort me. It was her life. It was her body. Prior to Roe… Continue reading I would have still loved you

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The March for Love

A leader of a country has a tremendous responsibility to set a positive example for its people and the rest of the world. One person may not be able to do this alone. Therefore, to people of every color and creed of our great nation, I ask that we look not solely to our leaders,… Continue reading The March for Love

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My last post was news about the word of the year from This word was not trendy, new-tech, or whimsical, as words of the past have been. In fact, the meaning of this word is quite ugly. As the concept slithered into our thoughts, we have inundated google searches with the horrible word- xenophobic.… Continue reading Uniphilarsian

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To My Adoptive Mom

You understood that I was never searching for a mother. I always knew that special person was you. I know it was you that bandaged my wounded knees and packed my lunch for school. Your tight hugs and enduring encouragement made me the human I am today. By loving me first you taught me to… Continue reading To My Adoptive Mom

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Knowing We Are Loved

When a child knows he or she is loved, they will grow up to do tremendous things. Knowing we are loved is the greatest gift, because it becomes instilled in us our entire lives. It is an immense responsibility to be a parent. We may not realize it, but our kids are watching everything we… Continue reading Knowing We Are Loved


The Most Important Thing

 The most important thing is to know that you are loved.   Only when we know we are loved can we love ourselves. When we love ourselves, it is easy to love others. When we love others, our world becomes our beautiful home.  – Diamond Mike Watson.

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Dearest Almaria

Dearest Almaria, You always said it is never too late to apologize to someone, right? Do you remember when we chose our fine china for our wedding present? I wanted solid and you wanted floral. I was a little grumpy when you decided on the ones with the purple lilacs and green vines, but every… Continue reading Dearest Almaria

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How to Master the Art of Serenity

Do you want to master the art of inner peace? I discovered this quite by accident, for I was not searching for an ancient secret. Sometimes life's revelations are unveiled when we least expect it. I am so glad I was aware of those precious moments of introspection and stored it somewhere in my brain.The… Continue reading How to Master the Art of Serenity

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Love is Infinite.

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” ? Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite:

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Do All Things with Love

Whenever you breathe, whenever you dream Whenever you splash through puddles and streams Whenever you gaze into blue skies Whenever you realize that you are alive Whenever you drink, or make a meal Whenever you know that life is real Whenever you talk to children or friends Whenever you rise for the day to begin… Continue reading Do All Things with Love

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When We Know We Are Loved

Eyes glittering with flawless light.  Face perfect as an angel.  She guides me in wisdom.  She is my encouraging branch.  She's my gem of life. David Dupplissey. Grade 4. 2009 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® winner. This photo was taken on Diamond Day, February 28, 2009 at Gallery of Diamonds jewelers in Newport Beach, CA.… Continue reading When We Know We Are Loved

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Pattern of Heart

The pattern on this heart necklace is a delicate ode to love. (Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Diamond: Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern:

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What is Important Now?

A friend of mine consoles terminally ill patients.  Many times she is there, holding their hand as they walk into the light of an unknown door.  Her experience has taught her a great truth, which is to always ask oneself, “What is important now?”  In her case, the most important thing to do in those… Continue reading What is Important Now?