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What is Important Now?

A friend of mine consoles terminally ill patients.  Many times she is there, holding their hand as they walk into the light of an unknown door.  Her experience has taught her a great truth, which is to always ask oneself, “What is important now?”  In her case, the most important thing to do in those last moments is to be a comforting presence before a patient bids his or her final farewell.

Since this is an ultimate fate for all of us, it makes clear sense to fully enjoy this dimension we call life.  The most important thing now may be to be aware of your beautiful surroundings, wherever you are.  While sipping tea, you should be aware of the taste and the pleasing warmth in your neck as you swallow. Be aware and be thankful for all the wonderful objects around you, whether from nature or man, and understand it was probably your thoughts that have made them materialize in your life.

Do not put off things that can be done now. Smile at your child now. Walk next door now, just to tell your neighbor you appreciate them. Hug your significant other now.  Although we all have pressing things to do, we must practice stopping and giving thanks to have the physical and mental ability to do these things.  Be aware of each of your limbs and be thankful for the wonderful tasks they perform at your request.

Most importantly, always be warm and kind with others.  This leaves a beautiful and lasting gift for every receiver.  In fact, the most precious gift anyone can receive is a wonderful memory.   What a treasure it is to hold this gift eternally, even as we pass to the other side.

As a side note, I had a customer from out of state that ordered a pair of diamond earrings for her ill mother.  I sensed a little regret from the caller, feeling that she may have waited a little too long for her mother to enjoy the jewelry. Fortunately, her mother did recover and now thinks of her daughter every time she admires her earrings.Image

Now ask yourself. “What is the most important thing I can do now?”

13 thoughts on “What is Important Now?”

  1. The older I get, simple kindness seems more and more important. Exquisite post – like your diamonds – which I will never have because 1) I can’t afford real gems but mostly 2) I lose any truly good jewelry I get – sigh. I now keep my better jewelry in separate boxes :).

  2. I’ve been trying to put this idea into practice as of late, and I have been blessed on every front when I take hold of life and live in each moment. Thank you for your post!

  3. This reminded me to look up from my blogging and enjoy the beautiful view outside my window. Enjoying the beautiful view has made me decide to sign off and head outside for a bit. Thank you!

  4. So very true. Reminds me of something I read this morning … “The universe is filled with beautiful things, that you probably stepped on while starring at your phone.”

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