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Dearest Almaria


Dearest Almaria,

You always said it is never too late to apologize to someone, right? Do you remember when we chose our fine china for our wedding present? I wanted solid and you wanted floral. I was a little grumpy when you decided on the ones with the purple lilacs and green vines, but every morsel of food I have eaten on them has been delicious.

You wanted the house with the large kitchen. I wanted the one with the stone entryway. I know I gave you a lot of grief because you got your way, but I learned that what makes a home is not the wood and bricks on the outside, but the family that lives inside. I am so glad we chose that big kitchen because I have such great memories of cooking crazy recipes with you.

You wanted a pear tree. I wanted an apple tree. You planted the pear tree, and one foot farther away from the wall than I recommended. After several years passed, it bore the most wonderful fruit, and thank goodness you planted it in that spot because it is getting quite large with its handsome branches that give good shade in the summer.

Remember when you wanted to paint our bedroom green and I wanted blue? I’m sorry I had a bad attitude when I can home from work to your color choice. Certainly walls can always be repainted and nothing is permanent. Anyway, now I feel mint green is such a restful shade.

And I guess now is the time to admit I really like that brown scarf you gave me for my birthday. I complained about the thick material, but it feels really comfortable on chilly nights like tonight.

You died so suddenly. There was so much I wanted to say. As I slice the last pear of the season, your reflection is framed by purple lilacs and green vines. The house is quiet now, but you will always live in my heart and my dreams. I hope you can hear me my love, my dearest Almaria.

Written by Diamond Mike Watson.

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