We Must Give More than We Take

Humans take more than they give.  This is a sad condition.  Is there another species that purposely destroys its own habitat solely based on greed? 

Someone may argue that it is impossible for one to give two apples when they have only one.  But we plant a tree and remove a forest. We order a large meal and discard what’s left.  We consume for the thrill of consuming. We never have enough. That is why the natural resources that sustain us will eventually disappear.

I don’t believe one can ever give too much, and one will never go bankrupt from giving.  But why is it so difficult for us to give?  We are taught to work and save our money for a rainy day.  Some may even see giving as a sign of weakness or as a bad business decision.  We are taught to be prepared for the future for our survival and well-being.  But we are not taught that giving back to our world actually helps us survive. 

In the last fifty years two-thirds of the worlds insects and animals have disappeared. With simple math we may be able to calculate when we will disappear as well.  The cause of this disaster is of our own making.  At the current rate of destruction it is difficult for me to see a positive outcome. There may be a spur in a growth of trees but soon an entire forest will be removed or scorched from climate change. There may be some years our skies will be a little clearer but soon a thicker cloud of pollution will take its place.

We erect skyscrapers, create lighting speed computers, and fly in space ships. Yet, as we examine our globe, it is easy to see the patches we’ve wounded from deforestation, water pollution, and ravaged from climate change.  The world is getting sicker and sicker. If I blame anyone personally for the ruin of EarthHome, I blame myself.  You see, I am a human just like you. When I chopped down a tree I neglected to replant a forest. When I drove to and from work I never gave any thought about the harmful emissions I spewed.  I’ve wasted water, plastic containers, food, and electricity.

No matter our excuses- we take more than we give. My father was a man of little education and a few words, but I will never forget when he said, “Man will destroy himself.”

I can’t help thinking humans arrived from a failed experiment.  Did we originate on another world?  Did we rob that world of its resources before we moved here?  Has the time come for us to move again?

Do we want to survive and thrive and create a world for future generations to enjoy?  Are we capable of rising to this challenge?  This is possible, but only if we give more than we take. 

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