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The Future of Physical Affection

Even in these days of uncertainty, as long as I am able-bodied, I cannot imagine any tragedy that would prevent my effort in expanding the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest to the ends of the earth. When families and their kids know they are loved there is no doubt how our world benefits. Imagine a society in which our youth will forever carry the security and confidence that will enable them to accomplish anything.

I believe in the power of the spoken word. That is why it is a requirement for all my winners to recite their words to their mothers before receiving their gemstone prizes. Many times a hug will follow. I remember the tight hugs of my own adoptive mother. My mother also reminded me or how much she loved me everyday. I wonder if she realized she had given me a lifelong and unshakable confidence to alter the solar system.

My concern is when these uncertain days will pass. Will we stand and sit further apart from one another? Will we once again revert our attentions to our electronic devices? Will we avoid embracing one another?

I even dedicated a chapter in my book- “How important is a hug?” I can imagine the dark scenario of a child reading his essay to mom through the Internet. But will physical affection fade away also?

If you know a winning family that was scheduled to come to our store, please inform them they can come whenever we reopen for a mom and child experience they will never forget.

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