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Save the Trees of Brookhollow

Brookhollow Business Park is a luscious green 31-acre property in Santa Ana, California that is the home to 24 buildings, a sparkling pond with ducks and turtles, and a mini-forest of giant canary island pine trees.

The beauty and shade of these trees provide tranquility and comfort for every visitor.  The trees dampen the noise from overhead jets, provide tens of thousands of pounds of oxygen, and offer a home for neighboring animals.  As dangerous amounts of carbon emissions fill our sky, we know trees are good for our environment.  A majestic 40-year-old pine is awesome to behold.  If removed, we will never again experience its full glory.

For reasons not clearly explained, Ayzar Management has continued to systematically remove these trees for the past eight years.  One building owner wanted a tree to be chopped down because he needed signage.  Others desired more storefront visibility.  We have also found some owners who requested removal not because of building damage, but because of normal tree debris or the “menace” of squirrels.

In 2019 twenty-one major iconic pines were chopped down.  Four more were downed on Mother’s Day weekend.  And, despite protest from owners and other experts, in January 2020 four more of the magnificent trees that visitors enjoy day have been removed forever.  A Google Earth history search will reveal the shocking disappearance of the largest trees in the past eight years.  We have seen large, cool swaths of shade disappear.  We have watched in horror as hummingbirds and their nests tumble to the ground.  We have seen the wonder of this ecological paradise become destroyed. 

Please help us save this beautiful park.  An arborist report states that all trees are very healthy and none pose any harm to any building or person. I think we can all agree that trees are good and may even be our last hope for climate change.

Sometimes in life we are called to action. Although our world needs trillions of more trees, we must first take a leadership stand in the fight for these trees necessary for our global sustainability.

As owners, tenants, and concerned citizens, we respect this pristine sanctuary.


Ayzar Management must abide by the rules of protecting, maintaining and preserving the trees and pond of Brookhollow Park, and no healthy tree can be removed unless there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a tree poses an imminent danger to a building or a person.

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