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The Profound Tweet

I am still moved by a tweet from President Trump after the nation began to experience its longest government shutdown in history. It came at a time the President had retreated into the almost vacant west wing of the White House, void of the chatter of aides and interns.

In fact, because the tweet is so shockingly different than almost any other tweet he has made, I’m not convinced he is the author. Perhaps an intern helped him and he dictated the use of capital letters. Nevertheless, coming from a man who is always prepared to attack his perceived enemies, these contrasting words show a deeper, poetic nature that are hypnotic.

I’m sure he must have spent silent time peering from the window at the vast cold, white blanket before him. I’m sure he paced the floors, confused why a nation seemed less impressed with his promise to erect a southern border wall.

Perhaps compromise entered his mind. Perhaps half a wall was better than no wall. But the crowd cheered Build a Wall! When he said Mexico would pay for it they cheered louder. The excitement of the crowds became so intoxicating that the wall and Mexico became the signature crescendo of each rally. I can understand his pressure of giving his supporters what they wanted. Hence, the wall gradually became wider, taller, and stronger. It became the climax of every speech. Perhaps unintentionally, Trump and The Wall became synonymous.

Peering through the frosted glass of the Oval Office I wonder if President Trump, for the first time in his life, was confused why he could no longer manifest his reality simply from the depths of his thoughts. Were the results of the special counsel investigation on his mind? Did he realize the walls of the White House were finally crumbling from the scandals of his administration, impropriety, business, campaign, and relations with a hostile foreign power? Was he thinking about the possible excruciating details, to the dismay of his supporters, how he may have been one of the most incompetent presidents in the nation’s history?

Of all the statements Trump is credited for, perhaps this one will be the one that will be recorded in the annals of history for its depth and calmness, and showing us a President’s real time discovery that the meaning of our lives are much deeper than the concept of them and us, you and me, or winning and losing.

“Wish I could share with everyone the beauty and majesty of being in the White House and looking outside at the snow filled lawns and Rose Garden. Really is something – SPECIAL COUNTRY, SPECIAL PLACE!”
Twitter. 1/13/19.

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