I wrote this pastoral instrumental for the Spanish guitar with background accompaniment. It is a tribute for the unconditional love of all moms. I heard a key melody in a dream, which is true of many of my pieces. I got up early the following morning and quickly recorded a track before the melody faded from my memory. I used headphones as not to wake my family. As always, the guitars I play are always real.

The opening guitar riff came about while jamming on an acoustic.  The sinister introduction made me visualize a superhero lurking in the shadows.  Maybe he or she was a vigilante, fighting crime in the universe.   I imagined using the song for two scheduled Why Mom Deserves a Diamond videos produced by Gallery of Diamonds.  The title,  BatMom, came naturally.


from Forgotten Songs, released 15 September 2012
© 1977 Diamond Mike Watson
Guitars and lead vocals- Diamond Mike Watson
Piano- Jay Goldstein
Harmony- Pam Gurnsey
Spike Studio- Louisville, KY. Mixed at Trigon Studio- New Albany, IN