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What Is Our Purpose?

I noticed the beautiful plumes of purple on our jacaranda as I sat underneath it’s shade. Purple is my favorite color anyways, and the stark contrast of the tree’s flowers against lush green leaves gave me great joy.  Later, a hummingbird buzzed past me to play in the branches. I was filled with a sense of awe and respect. Was the beauty I beheld created solely for my enjoyment, or was the glorious tree and the miniature bird there simply because I was there to see them? Was it me that was creating my own paradise?

Following my thoughts, I peered at the tree wondering what was it’s real purpose in the cosmos. Did it enjoy me being there? Would it be just as happy with me gone?  I finally concluded that the purpose of the tree is to stand handsome and proud.  It was perfectly fulfilling it’s mission even before I wandered beneath it. The purpose of the hummingbird is to flutter and flap incessantly, whether or not I was there to witness it.

Then came the question of myself. What was my purpose? On a deep level, my purpose is to use all the faculties of my mind and body to do good things for myself and others. On a shallower level, being a diamond merchant and creator of unusual jewelry, my purpose is to educate others and help them find and select a diamond that symbolizes a cherished moment in their lives. It is a mission that can be quite commendable, for a diamond merchant with passion, such as myself, secretly lives in every diamond he offers.  Although admiring the reflection of a diamond evokes the happy memory of the giver, it is the diamond merchant that helped a customer adopt the precious stone.  And if a customer truly has a great experience the moment he or she chooses this virtually indestructible gem, he or she will also remember the moment, and hopefully myself also.

What is my purpose? To live my life with love and passion, to encourage others to see the paradise that surrounds us at all times, and to enjoy the most precious gift that follows us wherever we go: a wonderful memory.

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  1. I am Pisces and my favourite colour is also Purple and you know what, I live on Jacaranda Club Ave, my house atop a high mound overlooking JACARANDA CLUB and is surrounded by growing large numbers of Jacaranda Trees. Now what do you call that?. Good .

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