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“Chocolate” Diamonds

“Chocolate” diamonds is simply a marketing term for brown diamonds. When I started the business in the 80’s, the new Arglye mine in Australia produced many brownish diamonds. The lighter shades were already marketed as “champagne” diamonds. To give the darker brown shades more attention, a jewelry diamond company quickly trademarked the term” chocolate diamonds.”

In general, brown diamonds are less rare than fine white diamonds, and also less expensive. However, brown diamonds can be strikingly beautiful when cut nicely and have good transparency. It is also interesting how many shades of brown exist. There are yellow-brown, reddish-brown, and even greenish brown. I recently helped a client with a three-carat diamond that was green-brown. We dubbed it the chocolate mocha mint diamond. I also just received a one hundred year old pair of earrings in which one of the diamonds is a light brown and the other has a yellowish green-brown color. They are spectacular!  With irradiation, however, a jeweler can make diamonds virtually any color. The diamonds I offer are all naturally brown and gorgeous and earth-made.

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