The Giant Box

I have always been a deep thinker. Maybe that’s because I am a left-handed Pisces, or simply because nature instilled such an immense sense of curiosity into my being. I was recently “diagnosed” with ADHD from my daughter, who caught me exclaiming, “Look, a beautiful tree!” in the middle of a non-related discussion.

I have finally given up on wondering why the rest of the world doesn’t think like me, and why humans have never agreed on a truth about our origins, purpose, or destiny.  Being Michael, even for a day, is a wonderful way to live, as I currently smudge my writing with the palm of my left hand as I drag these words across the paper. Being an extra-sensory person, I certainly do not need coffee in the morning to function, and with or without caffeine, every day is naturally filled with wonder.

I remember as a teenager, sitting on that back hump in the bed of our old truck as my parents drove to the country on weekends.  I would lie on my back with cumulus clouds above me, wondering if the universe was contained in a gigantic box. A space traveler would have to end his journey upon coming to the edge. Space would indeed be finite, and all the things we know would be neatly contained in a six-sided carton.  This would prove that the universe does have an end, and does not continue forever.

My deep question for the reader is this:  If the universe is sealed inside a giant box, what lies on the outside of the box?

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3 thoughts on “The Giant Box”

  1. I have a similar thought process. I’m easily distracted mid-thought or mid-conversation. Usually for me it’s “Oh, look, a chicken,” or “I wonder what I’ll make for dinner,”. I’m not sure if it’s a disorder (like ADHD as you playfully mentioned) or if it’s simply another way of looking at the world. I’d like to believe the later, but it often does interrupt my writing process (something I seriously need to work on). I just thought I’d let you know that I am a kindred spirit, and I look forward to reading your posts.

    1. Happy New Year, Lakin! I suppose a belated “thank you!” Is better than none at all. I am so glad you like to read my posts, and as you can see, I always finally respond to my replies. I hope one of these days you will be able to visit my world in Southern California.

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