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Begin Now

I’m certain my mother has been the largest influence in my life. Looking back, I’m not sure if she really believed the positive words she spoke to me when I was a child, but she was certainly successful in making me believe her words.

“The time to begin is now.”  This became a worn out cliche in my early years. Now that concept is part of my essence. When in doubt about my abilities, my mom would hold my hands, look into my eyes and say, “Michael, if you really believe in something, you can do it. Nothing is impossible.” That childish, yet superhuman chant rang powerfully in my ears.  Now that I am an adult, I can look around and understand how those words of love and encouragement have created the world I live in today.

The time to begin is now.

I don’t feel that I make hasty decisions, but when they are made, I hold them in my mind.  Some of my thoughts become instant reality, such as, ‘This customer has a need and I am going to satisfy that need today.’

Other desires take longer, such as, ‘With the help of my staff, I will create the largest mothers appreciation contest in the United States.’ Although that desire did not take place overnight, hundreds of thousands of kids have already sat down and reflected about the importance of their mothers in their lives. That dream became the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, and came true only because my staff and myself held that concentrated thought in our brains.

In 1991, my wife Carmen and I had a dream to open a jewelry company.  Our goal was to have ten stores in ten years.  Twenty-one years has since passed and we still have just one store, called Gallery of Diamonds.  However, with the help of our  website, the store has helped over 40,000 customers!

Be prepared for obstacles. Be prepared for people who say you cannot do something. Be prepared for gloomy advisors, negative attorneys, and those who say your dream is impossible.

The best time to plant a tree was fifteen years ago, but the second best time is NOW!

Do you have a dream?  Do you want to benefit yourself and others? Do you know you can shape your reality by holding great thoughts in your mind? Do you have someone in your life to encourage you to become all you can be.  Yes, you have me.

Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Written by Diamond Mike Watson

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6 thoughts on “Begin Now”

  1. First of all, thank you for following my blog! It’s so encouraging to find out that others find meaning in what I/you/we do. And I think your mom was absolutely right, the time to begin is now. Though I think I need to make the bed first before I start my day properly. Thank you for your encouragement! There are things in my life that are about to change so your words came in handy. And I’m so happy for Andy above. There is nothing more rewarding for a teacher to hear than that one’s students have found and followed their calling.

  2. Enjoyed that, I’m a retired teacher and have seen many a student follow their dream, some even wrote to me after they left school telling of their achievements. Which makes me feel so proud that I did my part to make someone happy.

  3. Cheers from one deep thinker to another. I tell my kids this as well, but I think I need to be more convincing. My daughter is a natural lawyer-type which makes her extremely logical and skeptical…she picks apart my inspirational song. Ha ha ha…My dream is for my kids to be happy doing what they are doing. It doesn’t have to be typically seen by the world as amazing…but I want them to be happy. Give everything they have for the cause and watch it pay off.

    1. 🙂 That’s a dream many parents share, and hopefully we’ve helped shape a world that will make it possible. (My daughters pick apart my writing and songs, too– a natural consequence of raising brilliant children!)

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