Gallery of Diamonds

Gallery of Diamonds is Turning Twenty-One

My wife, Carmen and I founded Gallery of Diamonds September 29, 1991.  Twenty-one years later we are celebrating our birthday with purple cake and champagne.

Date: Today, Saturday, October 13

Time: 10-5PM

Everyone is welcome. The brand color is purple, signifying our vision in helping our community with jewelry that is modern, custom, and antique.

We opened during the downturn of the economy in an office park with a small parcel of diamonds and a few dozen gold mountings. Today the store has helped over 30,000 customers, and created the largest mother’s appreciation franchise in the United States, called Why Mom Deserves a Diamond®.

Every hour, I will ring a bell to raffle a prize.

If you are a past customer, we thank you for helping us become who we are today.

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