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Purple Passion

Did you know it is impossible to think about nothing? Have you ever tried to sleep at night by erasing your thoughts?  If you are inside a room shielded from sound, does that mean you will hear nothing? If you have ever tried this you will know that your active mind will create a sound that does not exist.  It may be a hum or a high-pitched frequency.

Lastly, close your eyes. What do you see? First you will see nothing. Then you will say you see blackness. Really? Keep your eyes closed. If I concentrate, I can see every color in the spectrum. Eventually, an entire screen of deep purple consumes the other colors and I will see a wall of violet.

Purple has long been considered emotional and passionate, and has been associated with mystery and imagination.  No wonder it always lingers in my subconscious.

There is a small area in the electromagnetic spectrum where humans can see light.  Purple and indigo is that even smaller area of color that we experience just before we fall into the abyss of blackness.  You may say it is the final color of all colors.  I say it is the color that leads us on a journey of discovery.

Purple is the mixture of red and blue, combining the energy of red with the cool, calming expansiveness of blue. Like a beautiful melody can soothe a savage beast,  I am always captivated when the evening sky paints a portrait of purple, splotched by a red sun.  It is dreamy, thought-provoking, and the color combination has always evoked inspiration in my brain.

Purple was chosen as the brand color of Gallery of Diamonds.  A little purple goes a long way and can be intimidating if engulfed in it.  However, a dash of the color used strategically can draw a person’s eye toward it and fill the mind within innovation and wonder. Since a business must be passionate to be successful, purple was an easy color choice for our diamond company.

Do you have a business or an interest you want to share with the world? Close your eyes again. What color do you see?

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  1. Thank you for following my blog. Gathering from the smattering of posts I have read, I look very forward to following yours. I like the synchronicity for me today of the last line of this post. Cheers from South County!

  2. Purple and all it’s shades are my favourite colours. I’ve just been to England for the first time where 3 friends and I went touring and had a ball. We used the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph as our Motto. It starts off like this: “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me”. The girls and I did exactly that! Wore purple tops and little sequinned, feathered and netted hats perched jaunitlly upon our tresses. I’ve done a short blog about it, and more is coming. People were delighted! Life must be enjoyed, celebrated and every drop of goodness squeezed out, for it is short and very precious!

  3. The romans harvested their purple dye from a sea snail called a Murex. It was reserved for royalty firstly because it got brighter in the sun when other dyes would fade and secondly because it was very expensive to procure. Surely some deep drive led them to go to such great lengths just to be draped in royal purple.

  4. purple and yellow and red. favorite colour is purple. it is a physical colour for me. quite visceral. whenever possible i try to use the colour purple in the posts on my blog. i am a very intense and passionate person when I want to be and even when I do not want to be. good post. love your interpretations. J.K.

  5. I close my eyes and see void… it is more like black or grey.
    but in fact there is no colour πŸ™‚

    enjoyed reading abt purple. purple has never struck me as a special colour but i am beginning to like it

  6. When I close my eyes during the daytime, what I see is the light blood red flowing through the eyelid and the dappled light coming through. At night, pure black! Also a royal colour, but in China. Having meditated for many decades, I have no problem with an empty mind; it provides clarity and calm and is a good base to respond appropriately. The ring in this post is beautiful and I must presume the mid-stone is amethyst, my first engagement ring stone (on its own). Purple in all its shades also is a favourite colour, more for its mystic qualities.

  7. My granddaughters love purple, my grandson likes blue. Not sure if there’s anything deeply meaningful there. But your opening line sort of jangled a very hazy memory about somebody who was offered a reward if he could keep his mind clear of thoughts for a specified time. I remember thinking back then (might have been 12) how unfair that was, and how stupid. It’s darn impossible. Also, it’s my theory that nobody wants to be left alone with their thoughts which is the why of the popularity of iPods. PS. I’ve only ever seen those colourless diamonds that look like glass, but I believe that diamonds come in other colours. Which colour are you?
    Good post.

  8. Great post! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! It is motivating to see others interested in the same peculiar combination of studies. I’m excited to see more of your work!

  9. “Purple and indigo is that even smaller area of color that we experience just before we fall into the abyss of blackness.” – And what a lovely place it is too!

  10. My initial business on the other side of Oz used a purple water lily logo pic a friend photographed. Changing states means registering new name and i swapped logo pic for pink waterlily that i took. Interestingly both reflected stages. The pink is now a gentler softer side. The purple was in a way a bit too ‘expectant’ … Hard to explain. But purple… wonderful colour – beautiful deep purple amethyst fills one of my fave rings – holding up to the light one sees its not a ruby or other stone ..

    1. Yes, colors often have emotions and meanings beyond the obvious. It’s important to find the ones that resonate with your business– maybe that’s why it took us at Gallery of Diamonds so many years to pick a brand color. We were waiting for the right color! Thanks for reading.

  11. Purple has always been a favorite of mine. Thank you for the follow. I appreciate it. Hope you find some entertainment with what I write.

  12. My wife loves purple. And diamonds! I never thought of purple as the mediation between heat and coolness, passion and reason. From a business and marketing perspective it’s brilliant. When I think of my own enterprise I think of gold and green. Only an impression and I can’t put a coherent thought behind it yet. But you’ve given me something new to think about. Thank you!
    Enjoyed your post very much.
    All the best

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