12 thoughts on “Understanding”

  1. Such true words. I’ve so often tried to explain to people that those being nasty to them are feeling insecure within themselves but that quote says it so much better. I’ll have to remember this one.

  2. Hardest people to love and help, but they ARE the most needy. Helping people is hard, though because sometimes they suck in their helpers, and don’t get better. I’ve seen people trying to help be overcome in the process, and the people needing help still suffering after the helpers go under. So the question is how do you REALLY help someone whose obnoxious behavior is crying out to you and others who would LIKE to help?

    1. Tell them where the problem is and then it is up to them to fix it so that you can have a relationship with that person, or not. Maybe harsh advice but sometimes you just have to walk away…sad but true.

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