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The Hope

This natural blue diamond was found by the famous gem dealer Tavernier on one of his voyages to India, tearing the stone from the staute of the god, Rama Sita. After selling the stone to Louis XIV, it is said that Tavernier was ruined, and had to sail again to India, meeting an atrocious death of being devoured by tigers.

After being stolen during the French Revolution, it turned up in London in 1830 and was bought by the Hope family. The stone acquired its gruesome reputation for bad luck and the entire Hope family died in poverty. It is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington and weighs 45.52 carats.

The Hope Diamond is definately not the average type of diamond I sell, but I do have a variety of unmounted diamonds from a quarter-carat up to five carats. I would love to brag about selling a huge natural blue diamond, but those transactions are few and far between. If you are considering purchasing a diamond for yourself or for the person you love, please contact me first. Since 1991, I have saved thousands of couples from paying inflated prices on diamonds and diamond jewelry. Contact me at or call me at 800-667-4440.

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