Five minutes before the Big Bang

Take your time.

I can almost wrap my mind around the Big Bang. For whatever reason, there was a terrific explosion.  I hear it was a totally silent experience because there was no atmosphere to create sound. I can grasp that also. Debris and gasses formed everything we now see, including us. So far, so good.

But what was it like ten years or even ten seconds before the Big Bang? You may say there was nothing before. That is the part I have trouble understanding.  Isn’t total blackness and silence something?  When we close our eyes can we really see nothing?  When we tightly cover our ears can we really hear nothing?

Isn’t asking what was before the Big Bang like a child asking who made God? Our reply is always, “God always was.” Was the universe always was? Or is the universe and everything in it simply created by our conscious minds?

Take your time. I’m sure you will find the answer.

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  1. There was a theory awhile back (I studied it in high school so it’s been awhile) that instead of the Big Bang it was more of the Big Bounce. Big Bang to Big Crunch to Big Bang to Big Crunch and so one. Perhaps God is who that created the original Big Bang. Something like the never ending Newton’s Cradle. He’s the one that dropped the first ball but it’s kept going on under its own steam for a long time.

    Either way I sincerely doubt any of us will be around to test out anyone’s theories before death, unless the ones that believe in reincarnation have it right.

  2. This has always sytmied me as well….you figure the components that caused that bang HAD to be hanging out there somewhere! Otherwise how could they have joined together and created the big KAPOW!!
    my honest opinion is that the big bang story is exactly that….a story! It makes no sense that it could be anything else!

  3. Now I’m in one of those never ending thinking loops where I question everything. Sigh, it’s gonna take days to forget. Now everything is both real and non existent to me for the next few days haha.

  4. Very interesting thoughts! It’s not so easy for me to express mine in English basic question is: can there be something like “nothing” at all? I feel there must have always been something … 🙂 even before the Big Bang ..

  5. Some early philosophers believed that God is something that has to be seperate from all creation. What creation is, is the thing that is doing everything it can to resemble the essense of God. Since, your point of “what happened before” obviously has no answer. In temporal states you can always explain something simple with another thing. The milk spilled because of this, because of this, on and on forever. But that does not come any closer to explaining being/ Our nature of evolution describes us trying to resemble God, though. Through breeding we simulate living in eternity, through our offspring, for example.

  6. Hi, here I would like to believe in the theory of all those great writers and scientists who say that our world is simply a virtual reality. Just like a game of ‘SIMS’ where we can control some things, but we surely cannot control wishful thinking. We could be a part of someone’s game and might not know it because of our limitations and confinements. Plus the God theory is good too, but it doesn’t explain the slow billion year process of creation. Is God really sluggish? or it is just that creation takes time?
    A lot of questions there Mike. I like to believe the ‘frequency theory’ which throws light on how we are ‘allowed’ to see only things on a particular frequency. Anything beyond or less goes totally invisible. That if our creator’s’ are here, then they are walking amongst us, feeding us thoughts, guiding us, protecting us and manifesting us dreams. It is a great theory and I really wish we start believing in something like that for a change. 🙂

    1. …Le coeur a sa raisons que le raison ne connait pas…the hart understands what the mind cannot comprehend…your wish is your aspiration (Sri Chimnoy)…your aspiration is your love…one does not believe in love one perceives its emergence in every particle of stardust in all dimensions at all frequencies….^^~~~~~

    2. Some believe our Creator created everything with only a thought, and creation was instantaneous. Time, as we know it, is completely different elsewhere. I like that ‘frequency theory’ you mentioned. Personally I think there is so much more going on that the average person realizes, or is able to see.

      But to answer the question of whether we created everything in the universe with our conscious minds? I don’t think so because if I could create another universe I would do it tomorrow.

      1. So true. But remember creation is a slow process. In universe, it takes a lot of time to create something new. I guess, we are not provided with access rights, or even admin rights. Hence we are unable to create anything which is so vast. There is a reason, our brains have limitations to think and our hands are small enough to make a sandwich. We might build something big. But it would take us some million years to be able to come up with something amazing like our earth.

  7. …we are all diamonds emerging from stardust…my poetic musing of today seem to have anticipated your metaphysical question, no?…:-)

    i listen in secret
    (psyche sings to eros)

    “…Moi j’écoute en secret une autre voix…”
    -Jean Moreas *
    i listen
    in secret
    to another voice

    we have considered the decadent
    smoke of the autumn harvest burning
    when numinescence infuses all
    life with summer’s sequestering glory

    from the trees to the fecund foliage
    to the eden garden beds of loam
    the breeze whispers in an ancient tongue
    neither graceful nor contemptuous to

    we who follow the comfortable way
    drunk on the incense of dying trees
    singing still laughing
    myself i listen

    in secret to a more subtle voice
    moaning so sighing of departures
    this hart that voice as nothing if not
    mine fluting through one already dead branch

    to another voice
    in silence

    love comes chanting something prefigures nothing
    transfigures my love if not my beloved

    mark emmanuel christopher valentine
    (©26 november 2012 @

  8. Well, the current cosmological theory is that time didn’t exist “prior” to the big bang, and so the question is basically meaningless. There is no before before, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein. The only way to speak meaningfully of anything before the universe is to speak of something that transcends the universe, that exists outside of space-time as we perceive it.

    Personally, I am quite sure that I did not imagine the universe into existence, if I had, I would not have imagined leeches, or leprosy, or the Village People. I do believe that the universe is an artifact, which posits the existence of an Artificer, but It is not me.

    1. …nice post!…the current cosmological theory is the old one…time is relative, i.e., an illusion…for example, time is San Francisco is faster than in Amsterdam…people talk faster in California than the EU so time is experienced as passing more quickly…fall in love and fall out of time…^^~~~~~

    1. …bullseye…”The only thing we know about love is that love is all there is.”-Emily Dickenson….there is nothing that is not love transfiguring love….love, unlike diamonds, is forever…^^~~~~~

  9. Mike, I think about this all the time. My only conclusion – the only possibility that isn’t insane – is that there is no such thing as existance. That all that we know is false and illusion. There is no other answer. It makes no sense. If I chase the thought, I can feel this reality start to slide.

    What do you think?

    1. …there is being (consciousness) and not being (unconsciousness)…obviously, you exist as i am validating your the influence of your words (love) on my existence by responding to your request for acknowledgement with words (love)…^^~~~~~

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