Gallery of Diamonds, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Memories of the Past

This photo was taken during the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® ceremony at Gallery of Diamonds in 1996.  My adoptive mom, Martha, is on the left.Image

Lauren Kiang Megan Darakjian
Shadows flickering,dancing about. Even the moon is terrified. I lie wide awake, petrified as the distant Silhouettes come dancing towards me. Then suddenly they disappear. As she flicks on the light. Her soothing smile, her comforting voice. And the monsters are all gone Million gallons of love, two pinches of creativity, twelve cups of niceness, two gallons of understanding. Million drops of unique and beautifulness, any other items that might make your mother wonderful.
Mix well, bake two seconds.
I guarantee my mother!
Grade 7, La Paz Intermediate, Mission Viejo, CA Grade 4, Cordillera Elementary, Mission Viejo, CA
Diamond Mom: Kathleen Diamond Mom: Diane

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