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Why I Love to be a Jewelry Store Owner


• Helping young terrified men pick out engagement rings.

• Getting to hear all the great romance stories.

• Being one of only three people that know that exciting (engagement) news!

• Being invited to a customer’s wedding.

• Helping show someone how much they are loved, and being part of a positive life event (Sometimes I receive wedding pictures with a thank-you note addressed to my staff.)

• Working with the most beautiful materials in nature and holding diamonds in the palm of my hand.

• Making a quality piece of jewelry and knowing it will be cherished for years, probably beyond my own lifetime.

• Working with my family.

• Giving free service to customers to let them know I value their business.

• Being trusted. (There is no greater feeling.)

• Seeing some of the happiest moments in a person’s lifetime.

• Helping people who started with nothing and achieved prosperity. That is inspiring!

• Being the hit of any party. Everybody wants to tell their spouse what they want for a gift.

• Running into a customer and they tell everyone I am their personal jeweler.

• Knowing that thousands of excited people open boxes that say Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers.

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  1. Happiness in your work is such a great privilege and joy!!! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous…stunning!!!

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