Life Adventures, Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Thank You to All Teachers!



For every teacher who has participated in the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest- thank you!

You may not realize the positive impact you have made in your school, community, and even the world. In addition to fulfilling a writing assignment, you are also allowing your students to ponder and reflect about a person who has a direct influence in their lives.

Not everyone will receive a prize, but everyone wins. Even if a student is not selected for an award, he or she will have an original poem that can be read aloud to mom.

Being declared a winner in the contest is the most exciting event and self-esteem builder that will be remembered for the rest of one’s life. Teachers selected as Contest Panel Judges carefully review each submission for creativity by grade level. About 6-8 weeks after the contest deadline, you will receive an email winner notification.

Diamond and gemstone winners have always been required to come to Gallery of Diamonds to recite their writings aloud, then place their prizes into the palms of their mothers. This has become a legendary tradition for the past twenty-two years.

Jewelry mountings in reasonable price ranges are available to parents, but there has never been an obligation to purchase anything. We are thankful for all purchases, because we know that every mom is reminded of their child each time they glance at their necklace or ring. Even unmounted, the gemstone prizes are beautiful and complete without any accompaniment, and become a tangible reminder of the students’ words. The real prize of the contest, however, has always been the words themselves. Words of appreciation are more valuable than any diamond, and we make sure every family that comes to Gallery of Diamonds leaves with a copy of their words.

When kids know they are loved, they can accomplish anything. Thanks to teachers like you, the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest has been integrated into hundreds of schools, and also fulfills the Common Core State standards for figurative language.

If you have any questions about the contest, or would like to become a Contest Panel Judge call 800-667-4440.

How you can help:
*Become a Contest Panel Judge
*Give a brief video testimony
*Become a spokesperson for the contest
*Submit a personal testimony that we may reprint
*Volunteer to help spread the contest to other schools

To every student in your classroom, “Be prepared for a lifetime of success!”

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