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The Importance of Handwriting


This is how I write my name. If you never get the chance to meet me, I am glad to share this signature with all my heart. It contains much of my essence, and if you look closely, much of my personality lives within this signature. You are free to analyze it, and learn about my hopes, dreams, imagination and desires. Surely there is some significance in the forceful pen thrust that finalizes the M. And why does it slant to the right while the W slants to the left? After I leave this world, will the cross of the t or the shape of the final n mean anything? Would you know anything about me if all you saw were the words M. Watson or Diamond Mike typed in a regular font on a piece of paper?

It seems that handwriting is slipping away, and more and more students are using keyboards. Will handwriting become a lost skill or ancient art? There is much evidence that old-fashioned pen to paper is simply good for our brains, and scientists are discovering that learning cursive is an important tool for cognitive development. Brain imaging studies show that cursive activates more of the brain than keyboarding. In the case of learning cursive writing, the brain integrates sensation, motor control, and thinking.

Although it is true that humans communicate more on computers and smartphones, I feel we may be losing more than what we are gaining if the new Common Core standards eliminate penmanship. The fluid process of cursive writing demonstrates our intelligence, grace, and creativity.

Until we must bend to technology, the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest will require all students to hand write their submissions.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Handwriting”

  1. Well invited post. Absolutely True.
    Thoughts coming out while hand-writing exactly be the original rather than accustoming to writing on key-board (machine) .
    Evidently one should never avoid hand writing and using gadgets be secondary due to advancement of technology.

  2. YES, yes, and yes. I cannot write much now because of arthritis but I KNOW when I scribble notes in a notebook and keyboard notes, the feeling, thought and outcome are different.

    Point well-taken. 😉

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