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In a Galaxy Far Away


In a galaxy far away, a flower may be sunning itself by a small stream as water trickles across the pebbles. Although I might never see that flower, the vision is easier to imagine than a universe in which we are its only life forms. From the immensity of the cosmos, it seems more plausible that there is life beyond our telescopic senses. In an almost throw away verse in the Genesis creation story, it says, ”He also created the stars.” Did God hurl billions of galaxies and stars across universe merely as a curtain backdrop for us to see?

Then again, I could just as easily say there is no flower that exists outside our own galaxy because we are not there to observe it. It is true, at the subatomic level, that atoms will behave differently as soon as we perceive them. Is the universe and everything in it simply created by our perception of it?

I do know that we are miraculously connected with everything we know and do not know. We unexplainably blend with everything we can see and touch and that which we cannot see and touch.

“Nothing is lost in the universe. Matter turns to energy, energy turns to matter. We are made of the same stuff as plants, as trees, as flowers, as rain. There is no difference. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves.”
The Boy Monk. Orange County Register. January 23, 2003.

By Diamond Mike Watson.
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