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Does God Have a Face?



Years ago I attended a Christian study group. It was a small, but comfortable gathering in which no one was embarrassed by another’s question. I remember asking the group who they imagined when they prayed. When they closed their eyes and bowed their heads, who were they communicating with? Who were they transporting their minds to?

I received many answers:
An old man with a long beard.
A handsome young man looking out a window.
An invisible spirit.
A strong man holding the world in his hands.

It is comfortable for us to attach a face to the things that we cannot see. Even evil is personified as a figure with horns and a spiked tail. It makes sense that God would be a figure of all goodness; perhaps much older than ourselves with wrinkles of wisdom, but with eyes combining love and parental instruction.

Does God have a face? The scriptures say God created man in his own image. John 1:18 says no one has ever seen God. Moses saw him face to face. Does God look like us? Is there a single face that we can say is our image? If we place a photograph of just one face on a distant alien planet to represent ourselves, whose face would that be?

We see the face of God when we look at our neighbors and friends. If we look deeply, God can also be seen in our enemies. After we determine what causes the suffering and anxiety in our non-friends, they are no longer our enemies, but quite the same as us. I say to the reader, if we travel to a non-Christian country, we will see the face of God in every person we meet.

When we look at others, we see the face of God.
When we look into the mirror, we see the face of God.
When we open our eyes, we see the face of God.

By Diamond Mike Watson.
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