The Blade of Grass


You may analyze my brain
To see what is inside
You might think I am disturbed
With thoughts I cannot hide

When I caress this blade of grass
All things I understand
Beauty right before our eyes
Life’s just one thin, green strand

I once held a jar of fish
Their colors splashed for all to see
Watch them dashing up and down
A masterpiece to me

A micro world of wonder seen
Flashing shiny blue and green
Lashing through their liquid world
Metallic fins they swirled

Then it crashed upon the rocks
The scorching ground was way too hot
No one cared about their shock
For their lives they really fought

A living poem in a glass
Once contained within my clasp
I still see their colors splash
When I caress this blade of grass

This poem is based on a true story called Apathy: https://diamondwatson.com/2013/01/05/apathy/

By Diamond Mike Watson.
Feel free to reblog on WordPress. For other uses you may contact Diamond Mike at info@galleryofdiamonds.com.

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