Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Diamonds Really are a Girl’s Best Friend

Kreidler2000Lima News, OHIO. April 6, 2000.

Just ask Ashley Kreidler and her mother, Mary Jo. The 16-year-old junior at Delphos St. John’s High School wrote an essay on why her mother deserves a diamond. She beat out 1,500 other Ohioans to win a quarter-carat diamond for her mother for Mother’s Day. Ashley never expected to win when she entered the “Why Mom Deserves a Diamond” essay contest.

Ashley’s essay reads: She is like a wave. As tribulations appear in my life, the tide rises and she flows to my side. Her flowing nature calms my storm. Mom, my refuge.

Diamond Mike Watson, a gemologist in Newport Beach, Calif., started the essay contest in 1993 in honor of his adoptive mother and his birth mother. “This year we received over 15,000 essays from kids in six states,” Watson said. “Now it’s symbolic of honoring mothers everywhere.

For more information about the contest, go to www.WhyMomDeservesADiamond.com.

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    1. There is a chance you can win one. There is a catch. For now you must to be in grade 1-12 and live in Orange County, California. Our dream is to spread the contest throughout the nation.

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