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Blank business card

We are all made from stars. We are mainly water, carbon, and a few other elements. But we are mysteriously unique from one another. Some of us are more creative, some more logical. Some of us are better at expressing words and concepts, others are better at numbers. Although we contain the same substance, it is unarguable that we are also expressly different.

When I was a child I was often asked what I was going to be when I grew up. Most adults seemed to demand a single answer, such as a doctor or lawyer. Fortunately, I discovered that I could be whoever I desired whenever I desired.

I am a jeweler by trade. It is the diamond business that has been my livelihood since I was twenty-two years old. I realized, however, that all of us can be anything we can imagine.

When I behold a large gem, I am a diamond merchant.
When I strum the guitar, I am a musician.
When I pour aromatic beans, I am a coffee maker.
When I perform a trick, I am a magician.
When I gaze at a star, I am a time traveler.
When I pause to listen, I am a father.
When I admire a sunset, I am the sunset.

So, it is not the ingredients of our makeup that defines us, but the combination of those ingredients that defines our essence. It is awesome that we can be philosophers, scientists, and great teachers. We can be anything we want, whenever we want.

Thought for the day: Ask yourself, “Who am I?” If you could print a single title on your business card, what would it say? How many different business cards would you need? I hope many.

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