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The Universe is a Mirror


Speaking broadly, have you ever noticed how some people are always encouraging, kind, and positive and others are always gloomy and negative?

I do not see life as a cosmic war between opposites, but we can easily categorize what we have been taught as good and non-good.

Why is this?

Some people always seem to have money. Others complain about not having money. Some are always on time for work. Others are constantly five minutes late.

As far as emotions, some people are always thankful. Others complain. Some people are always curious, surprised, and excited. Others are bored and indifferent. Some are always happy and find humor in everything. Others are angry, sad, or grumpy. Some have great esteem and confidence. Others are constantly frustrated, disappointed or even embarrassed.

For some, it is easy to love others. For others, this may be a difficult task.

Is the universe a giant mirror? Does it simply reflect how we perceive ourselves?

What I am looking at now is not what you are looking at. In fact, at the same instance, you will never see or experience what I see and experience. Because of this, do each of us exist in our own personal universe? Is everything that surrounds us simply a manifestation of our feelings and thoughts?

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  1. Enjoyed this, Mike! It’s great when you are able to make people stop and think, which is what you just did! Thanks!

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