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You Are Your Own Light


At first, the Words rested comfortably in high resolution pixels on the computer screen. Even with a quick glance, the Helvetia font shone with a sense of hope and nourishment.

I prided myself on hiring only brilliant persons for my team. I even secretly embedded a list of questions that confirmed ones genius in the employment application. It was only a matter a time that a team member would completely absorb the philosophy of the FlyUp! program, and become a spokesperson to hail that philosophy as a torch for all to see.

FlyUp!, or Fully Live Your Unlimited Potential, was designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage one to become all one can be. It has been said before in different forms-follow your dreams, strive for excellence, prepare for success.

The Words came into sharper focus. They became three-dimensional. They came to life. They started moving. They cut into my being. The Words were everything I believed in, arranged as perfectly as a science equation. They were the answer to human greatness. They were the formula for FlyUp!

I traced my fingers across each Word, thinking for a split second they could magically fall into my grasp. I caught myself making a plucking motion, thinking the Words could be rescued from the screen. I quickly realized they weren’t meant to be held in ones hand, but to be contained in ones heart.

“You can step fearlessly into the dark
If you remember you are your own light
You can stop worrying about falling
If you remember you can fly”

– Ra Jaini, Executive Assistant of Gallery of Diamonds.


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