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Open your Eyes and Dream!

I was seven when I had my first lucid dream. Of course I didn’t know the official name, but I did sense “I know I am dreaming.” I was at the landing of our creaky staircase of my childhood home, three steps from the bottom. I saw my surroundings from my point of view, noticing my puerile legs and arms.

I knew it would be possible to run full force into the wall of the landing without getting hurt. With all my might, I charged head first into the solid obstruction. I imagined the impact, but I escaped unharmed as I woke underneath warm blankets.



Today it is rare that I dream lucidly. When I do, I never try to walk into fire or breathe underwater. But why not? While one is dreaming all things are possible. When I was seven, why didn’t I instead plan on passing effortlessly through the wall? Why didn’t I instead climb to the top of my house, then dive into flight with my arms spread like wings.

And have you ever dared to wonder if being awake is simply dreaming with our eyes open? Why do we constrain ourselves so much in our desire for love and success? Why do we allow illusions of disappointment and failure to seep into our brains?

I can count many events that have culminated as a consequence of focused thought. I have never traveled in outer space in a rocket simply because I have never had that intense or prolonged thought. I have envisioned each jewelry store I have built, complete with dramatic lighting, lavender accents, and thousands of customers. I have also envisioned hundreds of school kids with upraised arms, shouting that they can become anything they want in life. As these have come to pass I am not shocked, but rather realize they already existed in my mind. I simply summoned the events that were already there.

If you want more success or love or happiness in your life, keep those specific thoughts so sustained in your mind that you carry them into your sleep. If you dream lucidly, train your mind to reach for the out of reach and step beyond the imaginary borders that contain you. Your mind will figure out a way to make your dreams come true.

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