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Never Give Up- By Michaela Watson

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My daughter, Michaela, wrote this narration for me to use for our FlyUp presentations.  I am so lucky to have a daughter like her.

My name is Diamond Mike Watson. Did you know that when I was born I didn’t have a name? My original birth certificate referred to me as “infant.” Three days after I was born I was adopted by a loving mother who finally gave me a name -Michael.

Although not blood related, my adoptive mom is who I call mom because she is the one who raised me, cared for me, motivated me, and loved me.

She never hid the fact that I was adopted, and daily she would tell me that I could be whoever or do whatever I wanted as long as I worked hard for it.

With this idea in mind, I became many things. I am a baker. I am a musician. I am an author. I am a father.

I am an artist and a guitarist. Today I’m also a jeweler, but I never would have been a jeweler if I did not first become a private investigator.

Let me explain:

I spent twenty years searching for my birth mom. I am not sure what drove me to dedicate so much time into this task for I loved my adoptive mom so much, but the burning curiosity of where I came from became a like a fire that needed to be extinguished.

What did my biological parents look like? Did they look like me? Did I have brothers, sisters? I had to find out.

Finding my roots was no easy task. Confidentiality is serious business. I was sent away empty-handed more times than I could count. The words “No,” “you’re not allowed,” and “you can’t do that,” became commonplace in my ears.

Many people give up after failing so many times. But I was persistent, and one day I finally received the one thing I that I have held sacred to this day: a photo of the woman who gave birth to me.

My mission was accomplished, but instead of ending it there, I used my past as a basis for my future. I wanted to fully live my life to it’s unlimited potential.

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