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Words can unleash beauty or terror. The choice is ours.

Words have the power to encourage, inspire and heal.

My staff and I have confirmed this from the last 25 years of our mothers contest. Words have tremendous influence when written, and even more so when spoken.

Words can forever transform us. We never forget beautiful words that are spoken to us. It is also hard to forget words that have made us feel sad or inferior. We have tremendous responsibility for what comes from our mouths.

A rhetoric has bombarded our nation for the last several months. You may agree with a corollary that words have the equal power to destroy, depress, and instill anger or even hatred. We must search within ourselves to see if any words have bent us to an uglier and darker side of ourselves.

I am a self-proclaimed expert in understanding the power of words. I have heard tens of thousands of kids proclaim their love, appreciation, and thankfulness to their mothers and to those who are significant in their lives. When words are spoken publicly and with conviction, there is no doubt every heart is positively energized.

To my friends, family, and the elected leader of our nation- be cautious of your words. We are responsible for the beauty or terror that we have the power to unleash. The choice is ours.

To read more about the power of words, please order a copy of my new book. Thank You.

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