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Blinded by our Light


At an early age, my adoptive mother taught me to be compassionate, kind, and to respect every human being. She instructed me to be slow to anger, to laugh at myself, and to look at myself first before finding fault in others. She told me to enjoy life without fear and to always stand up for what is right.

This childhood instruction has shaped me into the person I am today. This is my essence. This is me.

My mother is gone now, but she planted and ember of love that has ignited into a flaming torch. To this day, I see a wonderful world even on the stormiest of days.

During the last several months, we have seen how the leader of our country, whether intentional or not, has unleashed an epidemic of causeless fear, anger and injustice toward selected groups of people and throughout the world.

How do you feel about this? I realize we all had different upbringings, but are these actions complimentary with the way you see a world you are proud to call home?

We should not sit back and “see what happens.” We should not “pray for our leaders” without also taking peaceful action. We should not be silenced in the boggy swamp of mediocrity.

Be prepared to be blinded by our light.

I love my country and I love you.

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