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A Lion or a Man Who Wants to be Loved?


If one takes the time to look, it is easy to ascertain the heart and mind of a person by what they type. In the case of Donald Trump, did any of us take the time to read what he typed?

We saw a lion who was brazen and bold. We saw relentless confidence and steadfast beliefs. Surely each of us were attracted to at least one of his campaign promises.

I can understand Donald Trump as a human being. I also know few people who are as colorful and engaging. Yet, his obsessive need for acceptance and admiration is a problem for anyone who needs to contemplate important issues that are relevant to our nation. We are all narcissists to a degree, but when a personality disorder becomes so great it becomes disabling, then we must understand we are not qualified for every job.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest everyone to do a search for Donald Trump’s favorite form of typed of communication, which is Twitter. Ask yourself, what kind of a person says this? An inspirational leader? A schoolyard bully? Or the president of the United States who stands for the qualities of democracy we all cherish?

If we remain silent, we are giving consent to the fear, dissent, and distrust that he has unleashed throughout the world. We cannot allow this childlike behavior to be normalized.

As Trump’s lovability continues to plummet, I feel empathy for a man whose ultimate goal in life is to be loved.

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