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Climate Change


I have noticed how humans confront problems. We always seem to address the problem we immediately face. For example, if a vehicle swerves in front of us we are not concerned about the shirt we wish to wear the following day. If we find that shirt has a tear, we are not concerned with what we should eat for lunch.

In between these thoughts, we contemplate our personal relationships, the food in our fridge, and bills that need to be paid.

If this is the case, the future of our children and grandchildren will never matter, for it is a problem that doesn’t immediately face us.

Climate change is real. Perhaps part of this change is natural and beyond my control. The other part, on the other hand, is a part I am directly responsible for. I have transformed my once lush planet into a giant, hot greenhouse by not protecting it from carbon emissions. I say this as I drive a fossil-fueled vehicle back and forth from work and as filthy factories continue to manufacture my perceived necessities.

So I ask what is more important- more tiger lilies, polar bears and bumblebees? Or should we accept oxygen masks, plastic grass and artificial foods?

Am I a bad person? Am I an average human? Do we really care about the future of our offspring?

If we do not have the vision for a hopeful future, who will be a leader to guide us in the right direction? Or must we all become shared leaders as caregivers of the mother that has unconditionally forgiven us? Our Earth.

The main cause of global warming

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