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DACA and Immigration

All of us have opinions on immigration. Wherever you live, it has always been a touchy subject. Some say immigrants make our country strong. Others say immigrants take away our jobs. Whatever your feelings, America has always seemed to use its heart while establishing its policies. This is the spirit of America I have grown to love.

On September 5, the White House announced it would end the program established in 2012, called DACA, that protected about 800,000 young children and adults who were brought to the US illegally. After March 5, 2018, these young adults will now become eligible for deportation.

I understand there must be laws for people who come to our country illegally. People need to play by the rules. But any law established should be formed to create an outcome that is beneficial to all of us. The action taken by the White House was not legally required. It was a political decision that created nothing more than unnecessary fear in the hearts of approaching one million people. It was cruel.

Imagine if you were brought here through no fault of your own. You were encouraged to trust the government and taught that through hard work, belief, and determination you would be able to partake in all the wonders America offers. You learned the English language and built lifetime friendships. You went to college, received a loan for your automobile, and entered the workforce. You became a scientist, a schoolteacher, or even a first responder. You served in our military. You saluted our flag. You were promised the chance to stay here and earn your citizenship. As a person who has lived here all my life, I sometimes take for granted the opportunities continuously offered to me. Unlike me, most Dreamers do not take America for granted. It may be the only country they know. In their hearts, they are simply patriotic Americans.

Let me ask two questions: First, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on those who come here illegally with the intention of harming us? And second, if we want America to grow and be safe and secure, shouldn’t we first pass legislation that protects the very people that help us grow and keep us safe and secure?

I am writing this in defense of these immigrants who are now frightened to use their voices.

I would like to share a saying, passed down from my adoptive mother and eternally instilled in my heart:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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