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Teachers are not Killers

As mass shootings become rampant in our schools, teachers, students, and citizens alike are desperate for a solution. I loved my high school teachers. Most were kind. Some were funny. All were smart. The president has been pushing his idea of these same teachers to conceal weapons. Since a military-style AR-15 is the weapon of choice for many shooters, is that the type of weapon a Language Arts teacher should possess? A small handgun may not stand a chance against a better killing machine.

Also, did you know that it is common for the shooter to be a current or former student? Are you going to ask a music teacher to shoot and kill someone that may have been a student in her class? I think in any situation, it would be difficult to pull the trigger.

What if there was a scuffle in the lunchroom or other common area? Would you ask a teacher to fire in the middle of a crowd and accidentally kill an innocent student? And what if an aggravated student overpowered a frailer teacher in an attempt to seize his or her weapon? I can already see dozens of horrible scenarios, all of which even more people will die.

I survived my school days without the fear of my friends, teachers, or myself being shot. There is enough fear in our world and there is no room for this in our schools. A school is our safe haven to learn the wonders of our world and to fully live our potential. At least in part, it is the lack of common sense gun laws that have put us where we are today. One can never extinguish a fire with gasoline. One can never overcome fear with fear.

Let’s talk about a solution.
Raise the legal age of acquiring guns.
Reduce the amount of bullets a gun may contain.
Eliminate bump stocks.
Remove guns from those who have a history of mental illness.
Report those who seem overly angry or disturbed.
And finally, let’s not be fooled by the preposterous notion that our students and teachers will be safer by arming our teachers with weapons.

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