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Plan One: Zero Tolerance. Plan Two: We’re Still Thinking.

I wasn’t there for a single separation of a child from his or her parents at our border but I wonder what was the experience for each mother? For each child?

It appears when the Zero Tolerance policy took effect on April 8, there was never a thought given as to someday, somehow, we would reunite these thousands of families.

I am thankful for the miracle of DNA, in which we are able to precisely match a child with their parent. But did our President have this in mind before the Zero Tolerance policy? What identifying paperwork was done before each abduction? Was even a single fingerprint recorded? How could our government not foresee a national revolt?

Was the original plan to cause agony, later to be rescinded by our President so that he would appear as a hero to the very atrocity he devised? If so, that would be as evil as a super-villain’s plan in a comic book. Does our President even have the ability to think that far ahead to mastermind such a plot?

Similar to the first travel ban, the Zero Tolerance policy was rolled out without any forethought to human strife. As the headlines loom this morning that our government is asking for a time extension to match the correct children with their families, my only question is: Why?

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