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Technology and Mankind

We invent a vehicle that can transport us back and forth to work and for family vacations. Then we use it to plow through a crowd of bystanders. 

We invent a flying machine that can soar above the clouds as we travel to faraway lands. Then we use it to destroy skyscrapers. 

We learn how to split the atom and power cities.  Then we use the technology to destroy an entire city with a single detonation. 

We invent a computer to help us make decisions and solve tasks. Then we create malicious software that causes chaos in our digital world.

We invent a 3-D printer to make medical devices and prosthetic limbs. Then we revise the software in which we can print a gun.

We invent a drone that can take aerial photos and deliver packages. Then we attach a weapon of war.

We invent a tiny robotic camera worn by a beetle to learn of its macro experience. Then we realize we are the masters of covert surveillance.

We research a vaccine to combat a deadly virus.  Then we realize we can harness the power of ending all life on earth. 

I think I'm starting to see a pattern in mankind.

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