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Just call me Diamond Mike

I was adopted as a child in Indiana. No information about my origins was given to my adoptive parents. I was baptized into the Christian religion. I was given a Bible as the source for my moral instruction. I was taught about heaven and hell, good and bad, and the power of prayer and forgiveness.

If I were not adopted, the holy book I have read from front to back may not have been so comprehensive. The scripture that would rest next to my bedside table would have been a thinner text containing only the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah. You see, according to recent paternal DNA testing, my father was a Sephardic Jew. My ancestors trace back to Allepo, Syria. Today, there are 14 and a half million Jews in the world. Strikingly, less than 50 Jews now live in the entire country of Syria.

I still believe in love and forgiveness.
I still believe in the wonders of the universe.

But I also believe we must define ourselves.

So please do not call me Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu.

Just call me Diamond Mike.

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