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Voting Democratic

I was reared by loving adoptive parents in a mostly white, Methodist town in Southern Indiana. When I turned eighteen I registered to vote. My parents encouraged me to choose the Republican Party. When it came time to vote they told me to vote straight Republican. Without prior research or thought I strolled into a private voting booth, closed the curtain behind me, and pulled the single lever to confirm my selection of straight Republican. I felt proud that I performed my civic duty. I wore a sticker home saying “I Voted!”

Shockingly, millions of Americans were complacent with our current president’s rhetoric of sowing seeds of fear, hate, and racism from the very beginning of his candidacy.  This year, I recognized a president who was an expert at reaching inside and revealing a latent darkness in all of us.

I again performed this sacred duty that was allowed to me from my country who has blessed me with wonderful memories and lifelong friends. My parents have long passed, but I wonder how they would have voted today. We must make choices about issues that affect our security, our health, and our economy. However, we must always choose the party that inspires us to be better citizens, that brings out the best in us, and that respects all people regardless of their race or religion.

This year, my straight Democratic Party vote was so easy.

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